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Nicolas Cardyn leaves Team Ivey Poker

When Nicolas Cardyn announced that he joined Team Ivey Poker in April 2013, many people thought he would stick in as long as possible. Within the team, the mission of this professional poker player of France includes representing the online poker room in France, betting with play money and providing video coaching or poker tutorials to the customers, the paramount objective of which is to launch a poker real money site in the long term.

However, the situation has taken a different turn. The French professional poker player Nicolas Cardyn recently announced he is no longer part of the Team Ivey Poker. In an interview, he said he is disappointed of the image of Phil Ivey and the other stars of the Team. He even highlighted that the project has no clear road map to the ultimate objective, the launching of the poker real money site.

A new country in online poker

While many countries enjoy the revenue generated with gambling industries for their budget, another one which has long been reluctant also plans to make it today: it is about Russia. Last July, the Russian government began to reconsider the possibility of legalizing online poker in the country hoping to review additional tax revenues. Other reasons have been advanced: Russian players have had success at the international free poker tournaments.

In addition, surveys were conducted to assess the application. Indeed, many people believe that poker is an intellectual game of skill, so people should be allowed to play poker if they wish. The purpose is to consider poker as sports and mind games, which in no way affects the morality of society while providing money to the State.